Six Flags Over Texas Report – Rides, Family, and Food?

What is there to do when you live in Denver over the 3-day President’s Day weekend? Well, if you’re like us you get out of town and head to Texas. Specifically Dallas, Texas and then you ride roller coasters and drive four more hours to San Antonio, Texas. Day one is in the books and our report is below.

By Anthony Sarlo
February 16, 2020

Roller Coasters and Rides Review

Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) had some pretty decent rides. None of the roller coasters would have bumped into our top 10 coaster ratings, but there were some solid contenders.

We rode the New Texas Giant right after the park opened for rope drop at 10:55am. It was very solid hybrid coaster and had some great airtime. It was the first time my mom and cousins had been on one of these and there were mixed reactions. I think everyone had a good time (I know mom did, she couldn’t stop laughing) and my cousin Mary and Anthony didn’t throw up, so that’s good. We also got everyone on The Titan, which at 255 feet is the 11th tallest coaster in the world. It is so fast and has some great negative G’s. This was a real contender for the top 10.

This is the last time we saw cousin Anthony. After Mr. Freeze, he needed a nap

The best of the day, however, was definitely Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast. It’s a blast coaster with one of those 90-degree bends like Excelerator (Knott’s Berry Farm), or Top Thrill Dragster (Cedar Point), but this one has a couple of cool twists. First, it launches you backward and second after the double 90-degree bends it pulls you up to another 180 feet and you redo the whole ride in the forward direction. Mom loved it. However, the ride was so intense that it ended cousin Anthony’s day. He went to the car for a nap after this one!

One of the newer additions to Six Flags parks is the Justice League dark ride. It is a video game/simulation ride where you shoot the 3D screen while being pulled along a track. It is similar to the Universal rides, like Transformers and Spider-Man. The first time I rode it was in Magic Mountain and it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, this version was much smaller, not as well themed, and I think the sound and video was off. It was just okay.

I got breakfast at Whataburger because, well… TEXAS!

The Food and Drink

The weather was mid-50s for most of the day and overcast with a good amount of wind. Because of that, I think the locals stayed home and the lines were very short. The most we ever waited in line was 30 minutes for Mr. Freeze. The other good news was that the lines to get refills on the souvenir cup were short as well. This may not seem like a big deal, but when we were at Magic Mountain we would lose about a half hour in line for a soda.

Do not come to a Six Flags park for the food! Cousin Anthony did not want fried chicken (he made this very clear) so we went to Chop Six for lunch. It is “Asian” food, similar to Panda Express. It was not good. The beef and broccoli was particularly awful and we’re pretty sure that the meat was actually raccoon (editor’s note: this is a joke… it was probably beef or something like it). The orange chicken was like getting orange chicken and then dunking it in water before serving. Rice was… well, rice.

On the way out, we had a barbecue sandwich, which was all right. It had a good smoked flavor and came with like 12,000 fries, so that was a bonus.

The best part about Cracker Barrel was mom in this amazing bejeweled hat.

After we left the park we headed to San Antonio, which is a four-and-a-half hour drive. On the way, we stopped in Waco, Texas to have dinner at Cracker Barrel and sing happy birthday to cousin Bri. Oh boy! This was a disaster. I cannot tell you about my food, because it never came. After 2 hours and more hijinx than a Benny Hill short, we were back on our way.

By the way, cousin Anthony had… fried chicken.

View from our room

Sheraton at Arlington Review

We stayed at the Sheraton at Arlington. The hotels was very nice with a beautiful open lobby. The weather was too cold, but they had a nice themed pool that looked resort-like. The best part of the hotel was that it was literally across the street from SFOT. We had a good view of Titan from our hotel window. Also, the location of the hotel is great. It is near both the football and baseball stadium. I went out to get some stuff at a nearby Walmart and you can definitely tell that in Texas they like Texas…and the Cowboys.

The room was nice and modern. The only knock is that the beds were full-sized and not queens to sleeping was a little tight. No worries… good excuse to be closer ;).

What is Next?

After a pretty full day, we got in our Volvos (yes, we have Volvos) and drove down to San Antonio. Despite the pit stop food fiasco, we had a smooth drive. We ended up at the Hyatt Place San Antonio Northwest Medical Center (that is a mouthful) at around 12:15am. Check-in was fast and it was time for bed.

Today we go to Six Flags Fiesta Texas to ride the first single-rail roller coaster “Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth.” I cannot wait.

Have you been to SFOT? What is your favorite ride at any Six Flags? Let me know in the comments below. On the next adventure.

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