Six Flags Fiesta Texas – Single Rail Coasters and The River Walk

Two theme parks in two days that are four-and-a-half hours away from each other… heck yeah! After our Six Flags Dallas day we drove to San Antonio and got ready for more thrills and coasters at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. I will compare the two in an article soon, but for now, here’s the trip report.

By Anthony Sarlo
February 17, 2020

Roller Coasters and Rides Review

There are so many great roller coasters at this park and some mediocre other rides. The highlight for me was Wonder Woman Golden Lasso, which is the first single rail coaster in the world. You sit on this coaster single file and there are eight people in each car. Loading goes fast because the coasters never stop moving, so you hop on to a moving car. It takes you up over 100 feet and the first drop is straight down at 90 degrees. The motion of the single rail coaster is unique because it whips you into and out of several banks and inversions with such smoothness but also a bit of airtime on each turn. Very cool.

The other notable coasters are the Iron Rattler (a hybrid coaster with inversions) and Superman Krypton Coaster (similar to other Superman coasters worldwide, but this one drops you into a ravine off the side of a mountain, so that is nice). However, the real surprise here was an older coaster built in 1999 called Poltergeist. It is a launch coaster and very similar to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster in Walt Disney World. The difference is that it is outdoors and goes about 5 mph faster and has an extra inversion. This was an unassuming ride, but really got the adrenaline pumping. We rode it twice.

Mom and Mia on one of the slower roller coasters

One of my favorite memories about this trip so far is how much Mom has been enjoying the roller coasters. She got on almost every one. She really liked Poltergeist but sister Mia chickened out when she saw the launch. Cousin Salma has been a real trooper too, especially since she just got to 48” on this trip and it is the first time she’s done some of these bigger type roller coasters. She really got a kick out of the Batman flipping coaster. She’s a brave 7-year-old.

The most terrifying ride, for me was definitely the swings. They are so high and they overlook the ridge and the mountain. They are not the tallest, but they are certainly very high and very scary (I get It, I’m a baby).

There were a bunch of other smaller kid rides that we did not get on and there was an indoor shooting ride that was pirate themed. It was pretty lame and can easily be skipped. By the time we made it out to Goliath it was closed, but it seems like it is the same ride as Batman: The Ride at other Six Flags parks so I don’t think we missed much here either.

Overall, this is a great coaster park. I would rate it as the number 3 park for coasters that I have visited behind Cedar Point and Six Flags Magic Mountain. We still haven’t been to a bunch of the Cedar Fair parks and any of the Six Flags on the east coast, so I’ll reevaluate this after our summer coaster tour.

Cousin Anthony said the pickles are a highlight of the trip

The Food and Drink

It was hit and miss with food all day. We ate breakfast at the hotel (Hyatt Place San Antonio Northwest Medical Center) and headed to the park. For lunch, we wanted to have a burger at Johnny Rocket’s and they were… get this… out of burgers. They only sell burgers. Sigh.

Instead, we headed in search of food and found a pizza place. They also had a meatball sandwich. Both would have made your elementary Lunch Lady proud. They were very… hmm… not Italian.

There was a Mardi Gras Festival going on which means there were some specialty booths for food and drink set up. We had gator nuggets that were good and came with a spicy aioli. Alligator tastes mostly like chicken nuggets with a slight fish taste. Mom also had 2 (3?) hurricane alcohol drinks and she said they were very tasty. As we were heading out of the park we stopped and got three deluxe funnel cakes and the girls (and me) gobbled them up. These were very high quality, so if you’re going to Six Flags skip the meatballs and get the fried dough.

These funnel cakes were seriously delicious

For dinner, we headed to the River Walk. The best part of the River Walk is that you can drink as you walk around. We stopped and got some enormous beers and went in search of a place to eat. We finally settled in to a Texas steak house type place that overlooked the water.

Lone Star Café turned out to be exactly what we all needed after a busy day. Everyone loved their food. Crystal and I shared the barbecue ribs with potato salad, cousin Anthony had a ribeye, Mom had a sirloin, and the kids had kid things (burgers and mac-n-cheese). I finished it with a Crawford Bock, which is brewed in Crawford Texas. Everything was just right and we left happy.

What is Next?

We are leaving back to Colorado tonight, but not before we get one more day in San Antonio. The plan is to head out to see the Alamo and learn more about our nation’s history.

Have you ever been to Six Flags Fiesta Texas? What was the experience like for you? Have you ever been to the Alamo? Are there any other must-do things in San Antonio that we missed? Let us know in the comments below, because we are always up for another adventure.

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