Northwest Trip 2022 – Day 1 – Portland, Oregon

The VacationFam is finally back at it. This time we’re off for a 15 day road trip and cruise through the Northwest, Canada, and Alaska. Along the way we are going to be in Portland, Spokane, Athol ID (to see about a roller coaster, of course), Seattle, Vancouver and then on a 7 day cruise sailing through Glaciers with stops in Sitka, Juneau, and Haines.

Landing in Seattle

We took the redeye (5am departure) out of Denver International and headed to the Seattle/Tacoma airport (affectionately known as SeaTac). We arrived at 7am, grabbed some breakfast at Starbucks and waited for our Turo. At about 8:45 we were on our way to Portland, which is one of the stranger cities we’ve ever been in. After a 2 and a half hour drive we checked in to the Best Western Premier (who knew that was a thing?) in Vancouver, WA, just across the Columbia River from Portland. After checking in we were ready to see what this city was all about.

FreakyButTrue Peculiarium

Our first stop was a combination “museum”/gift shop in the heart of Portland. For $7 we got access to this art museum of the insanely weird. Being Portland, they still had us wear masks even though not many places ask for them anymore. As you can see we took lots of fun photos. My favorite was holding hands with Big Foot. If you know me (VacationDad), then you know I have a strange obsession with the hairy guy. Overall nothing was too too scary (although definitely freaky) and all-in-all our visit was about an hour long. I would recommend it for a fun thing to kill some time.

Food Trucks, Killer Burgers, and Waiting in Line for Donuts

Checking out the local flavors is always one of the best parts of travelling. One of the things that Portland is best known for are its roadside food carts so we had to check that out. We didn’t eat anything there, but we did stop by to see them slinging together some good looking food from Middle Eastern to Thai to burgers. We found a place across the street called, Killer Burgers (and they were) that also served local draft beer. I highly recommend the Bender Burger with spicy fried jalapenos and BBQ sauce.

After eating burgers and fries as big as your head there’s only one thing to do… walk down the street and wait in a 45-minute line for Portland hometown favorite, Voodoo Donuts. I know people rave about these all the time, and we have a location (or 2) back home, but I’d never tried them before. VacationGirl went with the Voodoo donut (complete with pretzel stick of death wedged through the abdomen of the little guy) and VacationMom and I had the special which was a cherry cream filled donut topped with almonds and cherries. Uh… yeah!!!! Delicious. Highly recommended.

It was getting kind of late and we had just had an extremely long day and so we called it a night and headed back across the river to the hotel.

Overall Impressions from Day One

So far it has been very rainy and a bit chilly (mid-60s) for my liking in June, but the scenery is green and we haven’t had any issues at all. Portland is, like many major cities, suffering from a lot of homelessness. We didn’t stick around too long downtown due to that, but we’ll head back into the city tomorrow for day two of the VacationFam Northwest Trip 2022. The plan is to hit up the Japanese Gardens, the Science & Maritime Museum, watch Jurassic World Dominion on the Imax screen and hopefully find time to take the Portland Waterfront Aerial Tram. Let me know if there’s anything we shouldn’t miss in Portland in the comments below.

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